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Aerial Lift Bridge: View of Minnesota Point, Duluth, Minnesota

This summertime view is from about Fourth Street and Third Avenue West looking toward the Aerial Bridge and Minnesota Point over a segment of the Duluth downtown business district. Minnesota Slip is a private marina but will be the berth of the 600-foot SS William A. Irvin ore boat museum beginning in 1986. The tall center building (white) is the back of the Normandy Inn (1977) that will become the Holiday Inn and Holiday Center in the 1980s. To its left is the copper (green patina) dome of the Duluth Carnegie Library (1901) on Second Street. The tallest Duluth building, [...]

View of Duluth, Minnesota

A view looking northeast from Second Street and about Ninth Avenue West that shows the Northern Pacific railway freight house on the far right to the Seventh Avenue West incline railway elevated above Second Street on the far left. Minnesota Point stretches to the right prior to the aerial bridge that will be built in 1904-1905. ~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

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