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Great Lakes Ore Boats Loading at Duluth Missabe and Northern Railway Ore Docks, Duluth, Minnesota

A view between two (5 & 6?) D.M. & N. Ore Docks in Duluth, Minnestoa. Several boats are being loaded including the steamer James A Farrell, the barge George W. Copl??, an unidentified steamer and an unidentified whaleback steamer. Loaded ore cars are on top of the docks. ~ Photo Credit: Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Construction of Ore Dock Six in Agate Bay, Two Harbors, Minnesota

Image showing a network of railroad tracks and barges used to construct the second docks in Agate Bay. Footings have already been set, completed wooden ore dock can be seen in the background. Ore dock six was the first steel iron ore dock on the great lakes. Built by the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railroad. ~ Photo Credit: Lake County Historical Society

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