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Mortuary Chapel in Gethsemane Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota

Exterior view of the Mortuary Chapel in the sisters' cemetery in 1916. In Gethsemane Cemetery of the Duluth Benedictine sisters, a cistern for water collection was built on the highest hill and to screen it from view, a stone chapel was constructed. This was the location of many summertime outdoor pilgrimages and ceremonies. Maude, the sister of Sister Milburga and Sister Adelinus Bolin, is pictured with her daughter. ~ Photo Credit: St. Scholastica Monastery

Corpus Christi procession in Gethsemane cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota

1914 procession in the sisters' cemetery at Villa Sancta Scholastica. On the feast of Corpus Christi (the Thursday following Trinity Sunday) the faculty and students of Villa Sancta Scholastica went in procession to the outdoor chapel in the sisters' cemetery. Here, the elementary school students in their First Communion dresses, carrying baskets of flowers are followed by the sisters and finally the chaplain with his altar boy assistants. ~ Photo Credit: St. Scholastica Monastery

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