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Aerial Lift Bridge: View from downtown, Duluth, Minnesota

This view is from just below First Street looking down Second Avenue West. Glass Block department store and the Sellwood building are on the corners of Superior Street and Second Avenue West. Railroad Street and ice filled slips are between downtown and the bridge. Minnesota Point extends beyond the bridge at the top of the image. Glass Block was built in 1893 and three floors added in 1902. It closed in 1981. The Sellwood was built in 1908 and still stands. ~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

Aerial Lift Bridge: View of Minnesota Slip, Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota Slip (water), on some 1920s maps called Lake Avenue Slip, is bounded by the Northern Pacific Railway Dock No. 6, and the businesses and warehouses on the harbor edge of Canal Park. The Marshall-Wells water towers are a feature standing tall next to the DeWitt Seitz Company building that stands today. The DeWitt-Seitz Co., whose plant, factory, warehouse and offices were at 390 S. Lake Avenue, was one of Duluth's prosperous businesses. The company, organized in 1905 by Henry F. Seitz and C E. DeWitt, manufactured all grades of mattresses and box springs, and included wholesale and jobbing of [...]

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