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Aerial Lift Bridge: Sea Smoke on Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota

View of the rising sea smoke at sunrise. Sea smoke is a cloud over the sea, which could otherwise be called fog, and is usually formed when very cold air moves over warmer water. We see this phenomena all the time when watching Lake Superior. Photographers capture it with delight. The Blatnik or High Bridge is in the distance behind the Aerial Bridge. It is also known as the Duluth-Superior High Bridge or Blatnik High Bridge or Interstate Bridge. Efforts to secure a toll-free bridge between Duluth and Superior started as early as the 1930s. Other unsuccessful attempts were made [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Superior Street businesses, Duluth, Minnesota

The Bergetta Moe Bakery, 716 East Superior Street, built about 1875, has evolved over the years. Here it has green striped awnings and is the Superior Lake Gifts shop. Earlier, from about 1970 to 1989, this building held the contemporary design store called the October House. In the lower level was Martin Gould's, the owner's, architectural office. Joyce and Martin Gould also owned the brick and stone building next door. Gould made the lower level into a tiny apartment. The frame building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in June 1976. In about 1989 Martin and Joyce [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: View of the harbor from downtown, Duluth, Minnesota

View of the Duluth harbor from just east and behind Hotel Duluth in downtown. You are looking across Superior Street down Lake Avenue. You move along Lake Avenue to approach and cross the bridge. Hotel Duluth is at the far right of the photograph. The lift span is down. Grandma's Restaurant (opened in 1976) is at the base of the north tower of the bridge and the Corps of Engineers Building is to the left of the restaurant. The blue building, a flag is to its left, and the facility stretching out from it is the U.S. Army Corps of [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Aerial View of Waterfront, Duluth, Minnesota

The area west of the Arena Auditorium occupied here by hundreds of parked RVs will be developed into Bay Front Park. In the summer of 1983, an Airstream rally occupied all of the Arena Auditorium parking lot and the area seen here taken by RVs. The dark rectangular building near the stern of the ore boat is the Flame Restaurant building. The slip at the far right will be filled. In the foreground the I35 freeway is under construction and building materials laid out to the right. the Ship Canal piers were being remodeled/rehabilitated in 1985-1986. ~ Photo Credit: University [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Aerial View of Canal Park and Business District, Duluth, Minnesota

This aerial view is one of many taken by Wayne Gatlin. Canal Park (under the jet) is in its transformative stage moving from a light industrial site to a tourist destination. Grandma's Saloon and Grill has its striped canvas tent up with the ice cream railroad car in place. The double-decker red bus is at the intersection of Morse and South First Avenue East or Canal Park Drive. The first segment of the Lakewalk will be built in 1988. Duluth-born Mr. Gatlin enlisted in the aviation cadet program in 1942. Later he flew 55 combat missions for the 360th Fighter [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: View in half light, Duluth, Minnesota

View from the harbor looking toward the Lake with everything in silhouette. The South Breakwater Inner Light Tower is lit. Houses on Minnesota Point are visible at the far right on Minnesota Avenue. The two flags are above the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Building (built 1906). To the left is the Paulucci building at 525 South Lake Avenue. ~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

Aerial Lift Bridge: View from harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

View of the harbor looking at the back of the Paulucci building. The Paulucci building is the common name for the Stone-Ordean-Wells building. It was built at 525 Lake Avenue south in 1915. Stone-Ordean-Wells Company was a wholesale grocery firm. Their in-house, monthly magazine, begun in 1910, was titled Ginger. Nokomis, Hiawatha, and Blue Bird were brands sold by Stone-Ordean-Wells. The architect of the project was Frederick George German. Jeno Paulucci first occupied the building in 1961. Prior to that date there was a series of occupants. Two of the Great Lakes Towing Company tugboats are at the ready because [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: View from Leif Erikson Park, Duluth, Minnesota

View from a distance up the shore, probably from Leif Erikson park. Harbor facilities are in the distance at both the left and the right. Canal Park is at the right, and Minnesota Point is to the left. The very bright white structures are grain elevators. The Lake can be glassy calm, but it can alter very rapidly. ~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

Aerial Lift Bridge: View of Elevator Row on Rice’s Point and the Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota

Aerial view of Rice's Point, Duluth harbor, waterfront, canal park and Minnesota Point. Duluth's first elevator, Elevator A, was built by the Union Improvement and Elevator Company in 1870 outside of the harbor proper near what is now the Fitger's complex. Elevator A was destroyed by fire November 27, 1886. Elevators B through E were constructed between 1880 and 1884. Most of these concrete elevators were built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. W. W. "Will" Cargill's brother Sam opened an office in Duluth in 1892 and built the company's first elevator, Elevator K. Elevator K could hold 2.5 million [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: View from Lake Superior with lighthouses, Duluth, Minnesota

View from out in the Lake beyond the canal toward the canal's piers, lighthouses or light structures. There are small pleasure craft in Lake Superior. The South Pier is at the left, the North Pier is at the right. People are watching from the piers. The Paulucci building is at the right in the background. This may or may not be a foggy moment. Duluth can get foggy is a few minutes. It is one of the many Lake effects. We can also experience a 10, 20, even 30 degree temperature swing if you are down by the Lake or [...]

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