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Interior view of the passenger depot at 606-612 on the lower side of West Superior Street was designed by C. E. Bell, Tyrie and Chapman of Minneapolis. It opened in early October 1910 and closed in the mid-1960s

~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

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  1. Carl Eastvold May 16, 2021 at - Reply

    While looking at these photos with my son, I pointed out that one interior shot of the depot showed his great-grandfather (standing with glasses), Samuel Chester Kirby, Soo Line District Travel Agent. Kirby was identified in the photo by his grandaughter, JoAnne Kirby Eastvold, and daughter-in-law, June Kirby. Photo is approx. 1944. Samuel Chester Kirby began his railroad career in 1908 in Mankato, working for the Omaha Line and transferring to Duluth in 1916 for the Omaha Line, and beginning work for the Soo Line in 1920 as city passenger agent. In 1930, he began work for the Soo-Line in the position of District Passenger Agent, working in that position until his retirement in 1955. Kirby pioneered all expense paid travel arrangements by boat and train out of the Twin Ports. After Kirby’s retirement the position was filled by Algot Sword.

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