Photo spread from “Fifty Years With Christ: The Salem Mission Church of West Duluth” publication, pages 10 and 11, Duluth, Minnesota

These facing pages were used to produce the “Fifty Years With Christ” booklet celebrating Salem Mission Church’s Fiftieth Anniversary. The left side of this spread appeared as page 10 and the right side as page 11. Appearing in this spread are: Ted Elowson, Axel Carlson, Toby Highmark, Jean Highmark, Joan Lindstrom, Warren Nelson, Pat Kennigar, Carl Lindstrom, Arnold Carlson, James Carlson, Donna Carlson, George Highmark, Andrew Bjorklund, David Boberg, Arthur Anderson, John Elowson, Olive Johnson, Ken Erickson.

~ Photo Credit: Salem Covenant Church

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