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Aerial view of Rice’s Point, Duluth harbor, waterfront, canal park and Minnesota Point. Duluth’s first elevator, Elevator A, was built by the Union Improvement and Elevator Company in 1870 outside of the harbor proper near what is now the Fitger’s complex. Elevator A was destroyed by fire November 27, 1886. Elevators B through E were constructed between 1880 and 1884. Most of these concrete elevators were built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. W. W. “Will” Cargill’s brother Sam opened an office in Duluth in 1892 and built the company’s first elevator, Elevator K. Elevator K could hold 2.5 million bushels. In the 1970s, Cargill purchased the Occident and Peavey elevators from the F. H. Peavey Company, renaming them Cargill Elevators C and D. In 1900, Frank H. Peavey built Peavey-Duluth Terminal on Rice’s Point. The 3.35 million-bushel complex consisted of fifty tanks, the first major concrete terminal elevator in the world. In the foreground is the Seaway Port Authority of Duluth’s (SPAD) Arthur M. Clure Public Marine Terminal that initially sat on 80 acres of tax-forfeited land. It was in operation in the spring of 1959.

~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

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