Aerial Lift Bridge: The Famous Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth, Minnesota

D-5 The caption of this post card says One of the nation’s top attractions is Duluth’s famous aerial bridge which must be raised for each approaching steamer into the harbor, and stretches the mainland of Duluth to the Minnesota Point which juts out into Lake Superior for nine miles. This card was mailed in August of 1958, but these streetlights on the piers were replaced about 1955. Minnesota Point, or Park Point, is a long, narrow peninsula that extends out from the Canal Park area of Duluth separating Lake Superior from Superior Bay. Minnesota Point is approximately 7 miles in length, and when included with Wisconsin Point, which extends 3 miles out from Superior, Wisconsin, is reported to be the largest freshwater sandbar in the world at a total of 10 miles. Due to the short and easy portage across Minnesota Point, the Ojibwe name for the City of Duluth is Onigamiinsing (“at the little portage”). Since the digging of an artificial canal in 1870-1871 Minnesota Point is technically an island, connected to the rest of the city of Duluth since 1905 by the Aerial Bridge, since 1930 by the Aerial Lift Bridge. At the end of Minnesota Point is a small airport, Sky Harbor.

~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

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