Aerial Lift Bridge: Radisson Hotel Under Construction, Duluth, Minnesota

The Radisson Hotel, 505 West Superior Street, is seen here in an early phase of construction. The Lift Bridge is just visible behind the gables of the Union Depot. Construction of the Radisson building was a result of the Gateway Urban Renewal Project, which was intended to renew the “Bowery” area of downtown Duluth. Begun in 1961, the Project included demolition of buildings from Seventh Avenue West to between Fourth and Fifth Avenues West, and from the upper side of Michigan Street to the lower side of First Street. The grand opening of the Radisson Hotel took place in May 1970.

~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections

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  1. I always rememberd an antique truck sitting in the area where you would leave .25 for parking

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