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Aerial Lift Bridge: View of Blatnik High Bridge, Duluth, Minnesota

View of the Blatnik or High Bridge within the frame of the Aerial Bridge with the lift span raised. Canal Park in the foreground is without today's familiar tourist amenities of restaurants, shops and hotels. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Building is in the center of this photograph. It was built in 1906. The bridge is owned and operated by the City of Duluth on permit authorized by Congress. The Ship Canal and grounds are under the authority of the Lake Superior Area Office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Aerial Lift Bridge was entered in the [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Radisson Hotel Under Construction, Duluth, Minnesota

The Radisson Hotel, 505 West Superior Street, is seen here in an early phase of construction. The Lift Bridge is just visible behind the gables of the Union Depot. Construction of the Radisson building was a result of the Gateway Urban Renewal Project, which was intended to renew the "Bowery" area of downtown Duluth. Begun in 1961, the Project included demolition of buildings from Seventh Avenue West to between Fourth and Fifth Avenues West, and from the upper side of Michigan Street to the lower side of First Street. The grand opening of the Radisson Hotel took place in May [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Atlantic Hope Berthed at General Mills Elevator, Duluth, Minnesota

The Arlantic Hope is a Liberian bulk carrier built in 1965. She is next to the General Mills grain elevator purchased in 1943 from Consolidated Elevator, Company, in the Duluth harbor. James Ford Bell led the formation of General Mills, Inc., consolidating Washburn Crosby and several other regional milling companies to create what would become the largest flour miller in the world. Among the mills consolidated were the Red Star Milling Company of Kansas, the Royal Milling Company of Montana, Kalispell Flour Mills Company and the Rocky Mountain Elevator Company. Other mills joined the new company early in 1929, including [...]

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway pellet stacker and storage yard, Duluth, Minnesota

A view from the D.M. & I.R. Duluth Dock 6 looking down the stacker tracks to the pellet stacker in operation. Shows the stacker and trailing conveyor between two piles of taconite pellets. The Lift Bridge is in the background. ~ Photo Credit: Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Aerial Lift Bridge: Union and Soo Line Depots, Duluth, Minnesota

View from First Street in downtown Duluth. The 1910 Soo Line depot is at the far right at Sixth Avenue West and Superior Street. The newspaper announced in 1971, plans for a 13-story apartment building for the middle-income elderly on the site of the Soo Line Depot which was razed in August of 1972. The 1892 Union Depot at 506 West Michigan Street becomes the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center. A January 11, 1973, newspaper article announced the St. Louis County Board received $201,250 for historical preservation and restoration of Duluth's Union Depot. The Depot was purchased from [...]

Aerial Lift Bridge: Night Lights at the Duluth Waterfront, Duluth, Minnesota

The Duluth Arena Auditorium, the Aerial Lift Bridge and the buildings and streets of downtown Duluth are lit up in this night time view of the Duluth Harbor. Ground was broken December 19, 1963, for the Arena Auditorium, it opened in August 1966. It was renamed the DECC or Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in August, 1987. The NC sign is on top of the Alworth building. The Northern City National Bank's NC was there from 1957 to 1980 when the bank became First Bank Duluth. ~ Photo Credit: University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical [...]

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